Magical Mimes, oh my!

7 Nov

Stay tuned. More pics coming soon.

Yep. Just a typical Saturday night.


From left to right: Catherine the Great, the Magnificent Hux, a very enthusiastic audience member, Marvelous Maxx, and Dizzy Dean.


TONIGHT!!!! the Original Splendiferous Fantastical Magical Mime Spectacular Spectacle

5 Nov

Studio 66 (upstairs in the Arcade). 6-9pm.

There will be magic! There will be sexy mimes! There will be DRAMA!

Marvel at the amazing magical machinations of Catherine the Great!

Laugh at the comical stylings and able assistance of the Magnificent Hux and Marvelous Maxx!

Let the E Flat Dillingers entertain you.

Candy from Mimes

5 Jul

"Excuse me, my good chap, have you seen any ART?"

Would you take candy from an art-loving mime? The E Flat Dillingers take the Nashville Art Crawl

3 Jul

If there’s one thing that we E Flat Dillingers took away from our most recent Bonnaroo experience, it was the stunning revelation that we shouldn’t hide our freak light under a bushel for the other 361 days a year. We enjoy making spectacular asses of ourselves entirely too much!

Surely, we thought to ourselves, there must be people in Nashville who would appreciate taking candy from strangers in peculiar costumes. Surely our town must be in need of some random weirdness, some creative chaos to bring a bit of unexpected delight…. But, where?

The answer to that question is, obviously, the Art Crawl. It's in the title of the post. Try to keep up, now.

We obviously chose the right location. We had a hell of a grand time, made spectacular fools of ourselves, and saw some nifty art in the process. It was an extremely successful Friday evening. We love you Nashville!

These crazy bitches are going to be at the Art Crawl. Are you?

26 Jun

Beware, motherfuckers! Shit is about to get weird.

The date? Saturday, July 3, 2010

The place? Um, several, actually.

The occasion? The Nashville First Saturday Art Crawl.

That’s right, kiddos; the E Flat Dillingers will be attending the Art Crawl. And we’re doing it in costume. Hell, you might even get some free candy out of this, you lucky bastards. Keep yer peepers peeled and get ready for something strange, Nashville.